IDEAM AETERNAM (Eternal Idea/Inspiration) by Yulianus Ladung is an industrial and corporate photography services, as well as corporate video and corporate visual requirement. To capture and documenting the industries, is not just our official job but it is our passion.

Our specialties are industrial and corporate documentation services for: energy industry (oil and gas, mineral resources, mining), transportation and manufacturing facilities.

We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia, but we can be deployed and assigned from anywhere within the industries. Onshore or offshore drilling/production location, open pit/opencast mining and underground mining, process-plant, factories and constructions sites are common places for us, as well as corporate executive profile. Our aim is to create striking images whatever the conditions – dirty, hostile or dangerous.

With proven hands-on working experiences in the oil & gas, coal mining, factories/manufacturing facilities and transportation, we determine to serve your industrial and corporate visual requirements. Our experiences enrich our understanding of your industry, and its helps us to avoid un-necessary subject related to HSE.

We are also an official contributor to Corbis Images and Getty Images.


The key to successful industrial and corporate photography/videography is capturing the true essence of a process. It involves highlighting the steps and the mechanism involved, human and object, and turning the seemingly ordinary industrial process into something visually exciting.

It is a way of visually documenting the steps involved for creating a successful outcome. The right photo can tell your story by capturing the most informative points of manufacture or construction – be it the building of a bridge, the assembly line of a car manufacturer, or the inside workings of a mine. This visual documentation can detail the moment of idea conception right through to the moment of successful completion, highlighting your company’s professional approach and attention to detail, the type of equipment used, and the quality of your finished product.

Industrial photography and corporate campaign photography can assist research, help to satisfy your shareholders, be used on your website or industry magazine to boost your company’s profile, or simply for the sake of prosterity.

Having completed the standard construction OH&S Training, we are fully compliant with OH&S requirements, and hold, for example BOSIET, HUET, RISI cards and White Cards. We also completely understand the necessity for site-specific inductions.

We’re ready to provide you with the documentation needed to positively promote your company and industrial projects.


IDEAM AETERNAM mission is to provide your industrial and corporate documentation requirements in order to communicate the vision of your organisation or business in a clean, simple, and creative way that will stand out in this message-saturated world.


  • IDEAM AETERNAM desires for our clients to have a hassle-free and minimally stressful experience during this creative process.
  • IDEAM AETERNAM hopes to always be fairly and competitively priced and to always keep our clients informed about what they will be spending.